Tooling & Supplies

  • Connecticut Pyrotechnic Manufacturing Inc.

    Manufacturer and distributor of Widmann's Automatic Shell Pasting Machines. Paste 12" shells in 9 minutes.

  • Fire Smith Tools

    Manufactures rocket, shell building, star, comet and other pyrotechnic tools.

  • Hobby Horse

    Sells tubes and similar manufacturing items for pyro use.

  • PnJ Resources, LLC

    Safe heating solutions for the manufacture of pyrotechnic devices; Muti-purpose laboratory grade heating mantles; Lead Molds for grinding medium; etc.

  • Pyro Creations

    Sales of cannon fuse, paper tubes & plugs, plastics and other related pyrotechnic items.

  • Pyro Direct Inc

    Manufacturer of HDPE mortar racks for consumer and display fireworks. Mortar tubes, all with wooden plugs, are also available by the case. Pyro Direct also carries fireworks supplies ranging from fuse, shell casing and paper tubes to novelties such as confetti guns, salute cannons and sparklers.

  • Pyro Magic Inc.

    Pyro Magic Inc. provides of electronic firing systems, distribution networks, power supplies, tools and accessories for the fireworks and special effects industries.

  • Pyro Supplies


    Distributor of pyrotechnic supplies such as wheat paste, flax twine, hot melt glue, glue guns, commercial ball mills and torches.


    Consumer HDPE mortar tubes. 6, 12 and 20 shot mortar racks. Wooden mortar plugs, E-match blanks, clip igniters and colored zip ties. Low price guarantee.

  • SimpliFire LLC

    SimpliFire manufacturers the Mongoose Firing System, a long range wireless firing system for professional displays, concerts, events, and theater. We supply field units, slats, timing solutions, and software to control virtual nailboard through full pyromusical productions.

  • Skylighter

    Supplies chemicals, books, videos, tubes and other supplies to the hobbyist manufacturer.

  • Woody's

    Woody's strives to create the best products available - in look and design. We listen to our customers and try new things; we love to think innovatively and look outside the box!