Safe practices are the backbone of the PGI.  

The PGI maintains documented safety rules and guidelines for all its activities at conventions, including the shooting of consumer and professional fireworks, manufacturing activities and storage of live material.

The PGI staffs a Safety Team, a Fire-Medical Team and a Security Team throughout the convention to insure the safety of both our members and the public.  Members of these teams include professional display operators, movie and stage special effect technicians, medical doctors and members of law enforcement.

Members of the PGI Safety team, Fire-Medical team, and Security team (members of the site crew are show in the back)

These Fireworks Safety Guidelines of the Pyrotechnics Guild International are in effect at all PGI Conventions.

Last update posted on April 11, 2020 by the 2019 Committee for Safety Guideline Revision, John Steinberg Chair