Retail & Wholesale Fireworks

  • ACE Pyro

    Online retailer in Michigan– Ships Class C nationwide

    • 1.3G Display fireworks

    Brands: Crown Pyro, Dominator, Lidu, San Tai, Vulcan, and Yung Feng

    • 1.4G Articles Pyrotechnic/Pro 1.4G, &1.4G Consumer fireworks

    Brands: Dominator, Precocious, Pyro Demon, and Winda

    • Master Distributor of Wano black powder
    • Certified instructors of the PGI Display Operator Certification (DOC) Course
    • Professional fireworks display company
    • Container delivery
    • Annual Spring & Fall delivery truck ($5000 min. orders)
    • FREE Delivery to PGI Conventions
  • AllSpark Fireworks

    An online retailer and wholesaler of fireworks at discount prices located in Indianapolis, IN.

  • AM Pyrotechnics

    Importer and distributor of shells from Japan, Spain, and Italy.

  • Big Fireworks

    Ships Class C fireworks nationwide.

  • BJ Alan Company

    Owners of Phantom Fireworks, which has 12 major retail outlets across the US.

  • Blitz Fireworks

    Blitz Fireworks is a fireworks distributors in Crewe, Cheshire, UK. Blitz Fireworks online shop specialises in firework display packs and professional grade fireworks on sale to the general public. Online orders can be delivered anywhere in the mainland UK.

  • Blu Fireworks

    Retailer of class C fireworks in Eastern North Dakota

  • Captain Boom Fireworks LLC

    Sells Class C fireworks and performs displays in Southwest Michigan.

  • Dominator Fireworks

    Chinese manufacturer of 1.3G & 1.4G Fireworks and Supplies. Serving the USA and the world. Dominator Brand or your Private label

  • Dynamite Fireworks

    Uncle Sam's Dynamite Fireworks is located near Chicago in Northwest Indiana and has been in business for over 35 years. Uncle Sam's offers retail and wholesale Class C fireworks to the public and carries over 1,000 products from such impressive brands as BIG, Showtime, Black Cat, Great Grizzly, Brothers and many more. Open Year Round, visit us in person or online.

  • Dynomite Fireworks

    Dynomite Fireworks is a wholesaler and retailer of consumer (Class C, 1.4G) fireworks located in Seymour, MO imports fireworks and distributes their own Dynomite Brand. Dynomite sells and ships fireworks nationwide.

  • Epic Fireworks

    Located in the United Kingdom with Fireworks available all year. Fireworks news, facts, stats, trivia, history, videos and pictures

  • Fire Art

    Online retailer in Pennsylvania – Ships Class C nationwide

    • 1.3G Display fireworks

    Brands: Crown Pyro, Dominator, Lidu, San Tai, Vulcan, Yung Feng

    • 1.4G Articles Pyrotechnic/Pro 1.4G, &1.4G Consumer fireworks

    Brands: Dominator, Precocious, Pyro Demon & Winda

    • Master Distributor of Wano black powder
    • Distributor of Indian Blackhead Aluminum power
    • Certified instructors of the PGI Display Operator Certification (DOC) Course
    • Professional fireworks display company
  • Firework Crazy

    Firework Crazy is a large firework retailer in the United Kingdom stocking a huge range of spectacular fireworks from the UK's leading brands such as Brothers, Absolute Fireworks, Fireworks International, Royal Party and more. Fireworks Crazy is able to deliver all across the UK.

  • Fireworks Direct

    Fireworks Direct was launched in the summer of 2013 with the goal of offering a wide range of retail fireworks from the UK's fireworks brands. Fireworks Direct is an online multi-brand fireworks shop, offering the low delivery rates for orders throughout mainland UK.

  • Fireworks Forever

    Northern Wisconsin fireworks wholesaler and retailer since 1983. Direct importer of Black Cat, Brothers, Cannon, Shogun. and other large China factories.

  • Flashing Thunder Fireworks

    Flashing Thunder Fireworks is a display company, wholesaler, and importer of consumer and professional fireworks, located in Mitchell Iowa. They also carry a varity of fireworks manufacturing supplies, mortars, racks and novelties.

  • Four Seasons Fireworks

    Wholesale and Retails sales, located in Central Florida.

  • Ghengis Fireworks

    Ghengis Fireworks is a family run business that sell retail fireworks 1.3g and 1.4g in the United Kingdom. You can buy from our shops in Kent or order online and have them delivered to your door in England, Scotland and Wales. We also wholesale to other retailers around the UK.

    Check out our firework videos and see the quality for yourself.

  • Jake's Fireworks

    Jake's Fireworks is a wholesale fireworks distributor and importer of consumer fireworks. Our brands include World Class, Cutting Edge, and Boomer. Jake's is also home to some of America's favorite fireworks like Excalibur , One Bad Mother, and much more.

  • Jordans Fireworks

    Jordans Fireworks has been supplying fireworks in the UK since 1968. They have their own range of fireworks manufactured in China and also stock leading brands, including Black Cat, Standard, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Fireworks International, Absolute Fireworks and Royal Party. Delivery is available across the UK; you can also collect from their store, which is open year round.

  • Kastner Pyrotechnics

    Kastner Pyrotechnics LLC is a direct importer and wholesaler of 1.3g professional fireworks and 1.4g consumer fireworks. Located in Southern Wisconsin, they have over 25 years of experience in the fireworks industry and cater to both professionals and pyro hobbyists. Product demonstrations are held each spring.

  • Kellner's Fireworks

    Kellners is the largest distributor in PA since 1947. Full line of 1.4 and 1.3 product, we do not shoot shows only sell product.

  • Kneppy's Fireworks

    You'll get more bang for your dollars in Central Pennsylvania.

  • Krueger Pyrotechnics & Firework Display

    Krueger Pyrotechnics is a display operator and wholesaler located in Cuba, WI. They carry professional (1.3G) and consumer (1.4G) fireworks and have a wide selection. Delivery and transportation options are available.

  • Lynch Imports

    The Lynch family has supplied quality 1.3G display fireworks and 1.4G consumer fireworks since 2003. Product demos are held in late April of each year. Lynch is located just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • MJG Technologies Inc.

    Manufacturer of Electric Matches and Igniters

  • Mystical Distributing

    Distributor of Consumer Fireworks in Canada

  • ODA Enterprises

    Manufacturer of electrical firing equipment for the hobbyist and professional.

  • Overstock Central

    Overstock Central fireworks started in 2008 as a small consumer fireworks seller located Mishawaka, Indiana. They have since expanded their online sales to cater to the Continental United States.

  • Overstock Central Fireworks

    Overstock Central, located in Mishawaka Indiana, offers a full line of consumer fireworks online and shipping within the U.S.

  • Precocious Pyrotechnics

    We manufacture devices from 1/4" diameter devices up to 12" aerial shells. We manufacture: Lance, Niagara Falls, sticky match, bundle match, Serpents, Hummers, whistles, Farfallas, tourbillions, gerbs in various sizes, colors and effects; plus multi shot cakes. We also import.

  • Pyro Novelties

    We supply the fireworks industry with signs, banners, flags, apparel & promotional items. Check out our online store to see the various products that we keep in stock year-round. We also specialize in custom promotional products and can put your name and/or logo on everything we stock, as well as hundreds of other products.


    Distributor of igniters, proximate effects, ice fountains, nitro flash products, campfire colorant, firing systems, military simulators, and custom work

  • Pyromate Inc.

    Manufacturers of a complete line of firing systems including SmartFire, NightHawk, Gigalink Wireless, Black Magic, Mini 96, P-45, SmartFire Wireless.  The choice of the PGI Safety Team for competition firing.

  • Quantum Fireworks

    Online fireworks distributor offering wholesale pricing to retail customers. Free shipping to most areas of the United States.

  • QVIX Business Systems

    Designs inventory, scheduling, customer management, and computerized firing software and hardware for the fireworks industry.

  • Red Rhino Fireworks

    Red Rhino Fireworks is a premium wholesale fireworks importer and distributor. We sell our exclusive full line brands of Red Rhino, Full Blown Fireworks (1.4G Display), Texas Outlaw and Hog Wild. We don't carry the same fireworks as the other guy's shop our huge selection and get the premium fireworks that everyone is talking about.

  • Rocket Flite

    Ematch manufacture for military, pyro, and rocketry uses.

  • Sandling Fireworks

    Fireworks from around the world available all year round.

  • Skysong Fireworks

    Founded in 2005 and located in LiuYang China, we can produce any type of professional or consumer fireworks such as display shells, roman candles,toy pyrotechnics, stage pyrotechnics, firecrackers, cakes, party fireworks, sparklers, confetti etc..

  • Spirit of '76

    Spirit of '76 offers a wide variety of brands including Brothers, Cannon, Firehawk, Shogun, Sky Bacon, Winda and '76 Pro Line. We are a fireworks wholesaler that provides excellent service to all our customers big and small.

  • Superior Fireworks

    WSuperior Fireworks is a consumer fireworks wholesaler and retailer based in Orange Park, FL. We are home to SFX Fireworks and The Great American Fireworks Co., in addition to favorites from Brothers, Cutting Edge, Winda, and World Class.

  • Superior Pyro

    Focused on display and consumer firework sales. Located in Westland, MI.

  • Supreme Fireworks

    Supreme Fireworks manufacturer and exporter of consumer and display fireworks located in Liuyang, China. Supreme also carries confetti machines, flame projectors, manufacturing tools and other items.

  • Thunderking Fireworks

    Thunderking is an online retailer of consumer fireworks, safe & sane devices and pyrotechnic novelties. Thunderking offers free shipping on orders over $499.99 withing the contential US.

  • Uncle Sam Fireworks

    Consumer fireworks retailer in NE Wisconsin.

  • Uncle Sam's Fireworks

    Uncle Sam's Firework Super Store is located in Northwest Indiana, near Chicago, and has been in business for over 35 years. We offers retail and wholesale Class C (1.4G) fireworks to the public and carry over 1,000 products from brands such as BIG, Showtime, Black Cat, Brothers and many more. Open Year Round, visit us in person or online.

  • US Fireworks

    Uncle Sam's Firework Super Store located near Chicago in Northwest Indiana has been in business for over 35 years. We offer retail and wholesale Class C fireworks to the public and carries over 1,000 products from brands such as BIG, Showtime, Black Cat, Brothers and many more. Best Prices Guaranteed! Open Year Round, visit us in person or online.

  • Viking Pyrotechnics

    Fireworks distributor in Iowa that can provide displays or ship across the United States.

  • Wald & Co., Inc.

    All American Display Fireworks, 1.4G Wholesale Consumer Fireworks, 1.3G Fireworks Displays and Indoor/Outdoor Proximate Pyrotechnic Programs, In Business since 1924 in Greenwood, MO

  • Wholesale Fireworks

    Wholesaler and retailer of 1.4g consumer fireworks, specializing in Glorious, Orion, AFW, and New Century Brand fireworks.

  • Winda Fireworks

    Winda offers a private labeling service along with assistance in creating that perfect label. They operate five large-scale, professionally-run base factories available produce your private label and their own fireworks. Winda also has longstanding relationships with over 100 factories throughout China.