Junior Pyros

The Junior Pyrotechnics Association (JPA) is made up of youth, aged 6 to 17, who are either related to a PGI member or who are PGI members on their own. JPA members are dedicated pyrotechnic enthusiasts who want to learn how to safely handle, manufacture and use fireworks.

Working under the close supervision of experienced hobbyists and fireworks professionals, JPA members learn how to plan, how to setup and, most importantly, how to safely shoot a public fireworks display. They gain hands on experience working side by side with their parent or guardian.*

Most of the fireworks used by the JPA are donated by PGI Members and Consumer Fireworks Vendors. Some of the effects are built on site by the JPA members themselves. On Wednesday night, the week of the PGI Convention, the JPA invites PGI members and the public to sit back and enjoy their fabulous display.

The week ends with a party where the JPA members celebrate their success and start planning for next year. After it's all said and done it's hard to tell who's prouder, the members of the JPA or their parents.

For questions, the current JPA Chairman is Patrick Wandersee and he can be reached by email at JPA@PGI.org.

*The JPA member's parent or guardian is required to attend any session where fireworks are being handled.