Circle of Excellence Awardees

The PGI presents the Max P. Vander Horck Circle of Excellence Award in recognition for outstanding dedication to the PGI in honor of our Guild's founder.

The award is presented annually to a person who has made exceptional contributions that reflects the origin and values of PGI. Any current member in good standing may nominate a PGI member in good standing by completing the nomination form. You must state why you believe this member stands out in the following categories: teamwork, leadership, positive influence, knowledge/skills and commitment to quality and achievement in pyrotechnics.

A selection committee comprised of the current PGI Board of Directors will review nominations. Members who have nominated a co-member may be asked to provide further information.

Eligible members must have at least five years of service with PGI.

The Members who are nominated and meet the selection criteria will be recognized in the Bulletin. The Circle of Excellence recipient for the current year will be honored with an award and the opportunity to address the membership. They will also be featured in the post-convention Bulletin.

2022 Don Wackford, James Beardmore
2019 Jim and Connie Widmann
2018 Daryl Marmon
2017 Aaron Enzer
2014 Kurt Medlin
2013 Kenneth & Bonnie Kosanke
2012 Tom Handel
2011 John Steinberg
2010 Jack & Dottie Drewes, Ray Lee
2009 Bill Bahr, Glenn Johnson
2008 Michael Swisher, Frank Richards
2007 Richard Sikes, Jack Leonard
2006 Rich & Claudia Wolter
2005 Tom Dimock
2004 Ed & Shari Vanasek
2003 Jim & Kathy Freeman
2002 Flo Sieglein
2001 Fred Johnson

Grand Master Awardees

The Grand Master award is intended by the PGI to recognize the competitor who has best demonstrated an overall excellence with pyrotechnic device invention, implementation, and display for the current year.

2022 Chris Roth
2021 Jerry Kobierecki
2020 <No Award due to Cancelled Convention>
2019 Jerry Kobierecki
2018 Ron Janson
2017 Bruce Rosten
2016 Scott Anderson
2015 Scott Anderson
2014 Scott Anderson
2013 Jim McCulla
2012 Linda Westfall
2011 Jim Biersach
2010 Jim Biersach
2009 James Breitbach
2008 Tom Miller
2007 Tom Miller
2006 Ned Gorski
2005 Kyle Kepley
2004 Carter Bell
2003 Bruce Rosten
2002 John Vargo
2001 Tony Petro
2000 Ray Barwin
1999 Ray Barwin
1998 Bruce Rosten
1997 Tony Petro
1996 H. L. (Jim) Freeman
1995 H. L. (Jim) Freeman
1994 H. L. (Jim) Freeman
1993 H. L. (Jim) Freeman
1992 Barry L. Bush
1991 Ray Barwin
1990 John Vico
1989 Tony Petro
1988 Tom Rebenklau
1987 Tim Thurrott
1986 Tom Rebenklau
1985 H. L. (Jim) Freeman
1984 H. L. (Jim) Freeman
1983 Bill Page
1982 Larry Homan
1981 Garry Hanson
1980 Orv Carlise
1979 Mike Gill
1978 Bob LaPietro and Bill Page (team)
1977 Bill Page
1976 Bob LaPietro
1975 Not awarded
1974 Jerry Taylor
1973 Dave Penshorn

Life Master Awardees

When a competitor has won Grand Master three times, the PGI recognizes that competitor as a Life Master.  The following competitors are Life Masters.

2017 Bruce Rosten
2016 Scott Anderson
2001 Tony Petro
2000 Ray Barwin
1995 H. L. (Jim) Freeman