​​​​​​​Fireworks Training and Education

Whatever you interest in fireworks, the PGI can help further your pyrotechnic education.

Display Operator Course

The PGI’s Display Operator’s Course has gained national recognition is one of only two training programs recognized by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). In NFPA-101, it states that fire marshals should look to see that operators have completed a nationally recognized training program, such as those developed by APA and PGI.

We have made the Introduction from the PGI Display Fireworks Operator Certification Course Study Guide available for download in PDF format.

Learn about the Craft, Science, and History of fireworks

The PGI has experts in all aspects of fireworks, many of whom give seminars at the annual PGI Convention every August.  

The week long schedule of seminars at the PGI convention covers all aspects of fireworks.  Subjects range from how to choreograph fireworks displays, how fireworks are made, the science behind how they function, their history, and related subjects such as stage and movie special effects, fireworks photography, and fireworks memorabilia collecting.   

Here is a sampling of seminar titles from the 2018 PGI convention seminar schedule:

  • PGI Display Operators Course
  • Italian Style Shells for Competition - Part 1 & 2
  • Shell Building (hands-on)
  • Lance Work for Occasions and ages (hands-on)
  • Basic Chemical Principles of Pyrotechnic Chemistry & Principles of Ignition and Propagation.  
  • Black Powder Rockets for Beginners (hands-on)
  • Chain Fuse Effects
  • Aerodynamic header tubes-How to make w/ special nose cone leading edge
  • Making Red Strobe Stars
  • How to make PVB Sparklers
  • Making Wheels Seminar (hands-on)
  • Creamora Fireballs
  • COBRA Firing Systems
  • Introduction to Making Girandolas
  • Collector’s Corner - Pyrobilia
  • Mini Girandolas (hands-on)
  • Edible Cake Fountain Indoor Firework (hands-on)
  • The Wonderful World of Winged Tourbillions
  • Jumbo Pyro Pinwheels