Attend a family-friendly fireworks convention where you can see world-class displays, legally buy and safely shoot consumer fireworks, and attend seminars from experts in all areas of pyrotechnics.

Learn how fireworks are made in a safe and legal manner from experts in the field.  Become a certified pyrotechnic operator able to supervise public displays. Learn the art, science and history of fireworks.

Whether you are a fireworks enthusiast or professional, the PGI is your organization


Pyrotechnics Guild International

If you love fireworks - the common denominator of all PGI members – then the PGI is the organization for you.


Since its founding in 1969, the PGI has been dedicated to helping you do whatever you love and want to do in fireworks, legally and safely. Whether that is enjoying consumer fireworks with family and friends, becoming a fireworks display operator, learning how fireworks are made, photographing fireworks displays, collecting pyro memorabilia – or all those things and everything in between - there are PGI members that share those same passions. Here are just some of the ways the PGI and its members help carry out that mission:

Annual Convention

The PGI holds a week-long event held in early August, in a variety of US locations. It’s been said that it’s the most fun you can have in a week with fireworks – just watch the trailer video above. If You Love Fireworks to get a taste. Learn more about the PGI Convention.


The PGI Bulletin: The PGI publishes a quality periodical five times per year with articles covering a range of fireworks related topics, as well as the current activities of the PGI.

The PGI Anthology Volumes I & II: The best of the PGI articles published over that last 35+ years have been assembled in Anthologies. Together they contain over 800 pages of technical and how-to information about making and displaying fireworks.

Display Fireworks Operators Certification Study Guide: Used in the PGI Display Operators training course presented at PGI conventions and around the US. The 2019 edition contains over 300 pages of information and is consistent with NFPA-2018 code.

Training and Education

The PGI’s Display Operator’s Course has gained national recognition is one of only two training programs recognized by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). In NFPA-101, it states that fire marshals should look to see that operators have completed a nationally recognized training program, such as those developed by APA and PGI. More information can be found on our Display Operator's Course.

In addition, the annual PGI Convention has a week long schedule of seminars and classes covering all aspects of fireworks.

Represent the Hobbyist Pyro

The PGI is there to represent the little guy, the hobbyist.

The PGI works 52 weeks per year and is the only organization representing the fireworks hobbyist to regulatory agencies, trade associations including the American Pyrotechnic Association (APA) and the National Fireworks Association (NFA).

The PGI’s NFPA Regulatory/Industry Representatives hold Principal Member seats (votes) on two key NFPA technical committees, outdoor displays and special effects that write NFPA codes: 1122, 1123, 1124, 1125, 1126, 1127, 160.

The PGI has worked with the ATF on several variances useful to the hobbyist and regularly conducts trainings for fire marshals and bomb squads around the country.

Join Us!

As a member of the PGI you will become part of that worldwide network pyros dedicated to sharing their passion and knowledge of all things fireworks related.